Lights of Jupiter Instructions

Register your holiday light display for the Lights of Jupiter

Enter your decorated home or business online in a few easy steps:

  • Create a light display showing off your holiday spirit. 
  • Snap a photo and submit your property by clicking here    or clicking the button below. 
  • View your property and others on the Lights of Jupiter map.


Application Screenshot:

Registering your display (4 easy steps)


Tap on the "My location" button
This will show a blue dot on the map indicating your location. You should now be able to see your home or business on the map near the blue dot. Zoom or pan until you see your home or business in the imagery. 

*You may need to turn the "my location" off again to move the map as desired.

Once you have zoomed in and confirmed your home or business location; 


Tap the "map pin" icon at the bottom center of the screen:


This opens the location capture tool. From this window tap Lights of Jupiter. 

It will become shaded when active. Then tap on your home or business within the map:
*Once you tap a location on the map you are ready to enter your information for the Lights of Jupiter tour and optional Raffle.


A form will auto-open. Please add your information for the five required fields
Display Name / Theme (required) 
Street Name (required) 
Public Access "Y/N" (required)
Date (required)
Photo(s) or video from your mobile device (at least one photo is required) 

*These are the only required fields to register your holiday display with Lights of Jupiter.

Take a chance to win a Prize!

By filling out the optional information below as indicated by (Raffle), you are entering yourself in a raffle. Three winners will be selected at the beginning of January at random. 

You must be a Jupiter resident to win the raffle. 

fieldsOptional*This following information is for internal use only and will not be shared with other participants.

*Address (Required for raffle only)
*Name (Required for raffle only)
*Email address (Required for raffle only)
*Phone number (Optional for raffle only)

After you enter the required information, images and raffle fields (optional) simply click "Save" and close out of the box.

Congratulations! You are now officially registered with the Lights of Jupiter!