Hospitality Vendor Registration

A "facility rental registered vendor" means a business that has submitted the required paperwork TO THE JUPITER RECREATION DEPARTMENT and has been added to the Town of Jupiter Facility Rental Registered Vendor List.

Who Should Register?

  1. Hospitality businesses who are wishing to increase their visability.
  2. Any hospitality business that requires a written contract for a client who is renting the Jupiter Civic Center, Old Town Hall and Jupiter Community Center.
  3. Friends and family often provide services such as catering, DJ, planning, etc. In these cases, registration is not required unless a written contract has been signed between parties.

Summary of Vendor Registration Requirements:

  1. Certificate of Insurance (COI)
    What is it? A certificate of insurance is a standardize document that provides evidence that certain types of insurance coverages and limits have been purchased. A COI is requested when liability and large losses are a concern.
    1. The Cerificate Holder is the entity (Town of Jupiter) that is provided a certificate of insurance and is listed in the space provided for that purpose.  Certificate of Insurance Requirements and Example Certificate
    2. Event coordinators that supply Commercial General Liability are able to contract with vendors of their choosing provided the event coordinator's insurance lists all covered vendors and they assume all liability and risk for outside vendors.
    3. Insurance requirements may NOT be applicable for your type of business.
  2. Copy of Business Tax Registration 
    1. Please provide either your county or city business tax registration with your application.

Vendor Registration 


Information, qualifications and/or procedures for vendor and service provider registration may be updated/changed at the Town of Jupiter's discretion.