Stormwater Improvement Grant

Grant Applications Are Currently Being Accepted.

The Town of Jupiter is pleased to announce the continuation of the Private Stormwater Improvement Grant program. The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance to homeowner associations and other private entities to improve the water quality discharging from their stormwater management systems and help minimize occurrences of flooding. 

Associations interested in this program can apply by completing the application linked below.

Private Stormwater Improvement Grant Application

Applications can be mailed to the attention of Jonathan Batista, Town of Jupiter Utilities, 210 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458 or submitted via e-mail to Emails should be delivered with a Read Receipt requested to confirm successful receipt by the Town and include "Private SW Improvement Grant Application" in the subject heading.

A committee will review all applications received and make awards based on the benefit to the regional stormwater system. Approximately $100,000 will be requested for potential grant funding offered for each fiscal year beginning October 1. Proposals should only include capital improvements to facilities that reduce existing flooding and/or result in tangible water quality benefits. Routine maintenance tasks are not eligible for funding.

Should you have any questions please contact Jonathan Batista, Senior Engineer, at 561-741-2705.