Adult Class Descriptions

These activities have been canceled until April 19th.  Check the Recreation homepage for updates.

Kathy Andio Clutter Classes
How to keep your new year’s resolution to finally get organized this year. 
Millions of Americans ring in the New Year with the intention to FINALLY get organized. So, why is it that by January 15, that New Year’s Resolution has been broken? Typically, it’s because people start out with unrealistic goals and misjudge the difficulty of breaking deeply ingrained habits.
Learn why you use excuses and rationalizations to sabotage your follow-through on your resolution. This workshop will also teach you organizational skills that will inspire you to soar through 2013 with your first-ever, kept New Year’s Resolution of a clutter-free home! Taught by Kathy Andio, Professional Organizer of owner of Let Clutter Go, Inc.

Learn to let go of your memorabilia.
If memorabilia from your past is clogging up the present, it’s time to let it go! Of all the habits that cause people to hold on to clutter, an emotional attachment to gifts, souvenirs, and inherited items is one of the hardest to beat. Discover creative ways to preserve some of your memories while learning how to let go of the rest without feeling guilty. Taught by Kathy Andio, Professional Organizer of owner of Let Clutter Go, Inc.

Is paper clutter taking over your life?
Paper clutter accumulates for a variety of reasons, but the end result is the same: you’re overwhelmed by the stacks of papers in your home or office and you don’t know where to even start to get rid of them.Learn creative tricks to handle your paper clutter allowing you to actually eat at your dining room table. Learn what to keep and get rid of for tax preparation. Taught by Kathy Andio, Professional Organizer of owner of Let Clutter Go, Inc.

Get of the procrastination clutter cycle! 
Procrastination and clutter go hand-in-hand. First, we procrastinate about letting go of the clutter. Then, as the clutter piles up we become overwhelmed leading to more indecision and more procrastination. It becomes all too hard and we put it off until..…later. It’s a debilitating, anxiety-filled cycle leading to CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?This workshop will focus on the solutions to the most common clutter issues....."Where do I start?" and "Why can’t I follow through? Taught by Kathy Andio, Professional Organizer of owner of Let Clutter Go, Inc.


Painting for Fun 
Develop your artistic ability in oil & acrylic mediums. Beginners will find and develop a technique that is suitable for them as they become intermediate & advanced artists. If you are looking for something fun and new, or want to learn how to paint a masterpiece, this class may be for you. Open studio style. Bring your own supplies. Teacher will guide you if needed.

Jewelry Making 
Everyone will enjoy these exciting progressive classes. From beginner to intermediate, you will learn many new skills. From beading, knotting and using leather and hemp, then into metalsmithing, hammering, fusing, soldering, forming and stamping. We will also work with wire to form clasps, ear wires, links, chain and wrapping stones. New this class we will be fusing glass into one of a kind pendants and ear rings. You will learn to create your own unique pieces, bring out your inner creative self. I’ll help you!

Let’s create albums, fun, friends and more! Join us for our scrapbooking workshop to capture and celebrate memories. Whether you’re new to scrapbooking and want to learn some basics or you’ve been scrapbooking for years and just need the time and space, this will be the place for you. Digital Scrapbookers welcome too!

Recreational Dance

Country Line Dancing
It’s fun, easy, entertaining, and aerobic. Join Nicole for a heel-clicking, thigh-slapping, toe tapping good old time. You do not need a partner! Participants can dress in their favorite cowgirl or cowboy duds, or just jeans and a shirt. Heels and sandals are NOT allowed!Learn FUN dances to upbeat music. Maintain physical and mental fitness. Bring a bottle of water, but no other equipment needed!

Adult Tap Beginners
This is for someone who has never worn tap shoes. Easy simple steps, sure to be fun!

Adult Tap Intermediate/Advanced 
If you have taken Tap in the past this is time to sharpen your skills. It will be quicker with harder steps for people who love to Tap and exercise at the same time. We move quickly. Come have some fun!

Adult Ballet

Join our instructor Carla Lewis for a variety of adult ballet classes. Ballet is the cornerstone of all dance styles. Classes focus on barre work, center exercises and movement combinations. Students will learn technique and placement, while emphasizing musicality.


Chair Yoga 
The gentlest form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. No need to get down on the floor. Through the use of proper breathing techniques (pranayamas) you will learn how to release tension from the body. Then the practice of the physical postures (asanas) will help to bring the body back into proper alignment. You will begin to open constricted areas of the body and mind and gain strength and flexibility. This class includes a period of meditation to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Tai Chi 
Tai Chi, as it is practiced in the west today, can perhaps be thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined. Tai Chi- Yang Style has 65 forms which consist of a sequence of movements which are performed slowly, softly and gracefully. Tai Chi can help improve one’s balance, concentration and calmness.

Dance Fitness
This class combines simple steps from jazz, Zumba and aerobics classes. Come get your heart rate up and have fun at the same time!

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