Matching Grant Program

2021 Matching Grant Program

The 2021 grant cycle has closed. The application for 2022 Matching Grant cycle will be available in early 2022.

Please see the Matching Grant Presentation HERE


The Town of Jupiter Neighborhood Matching Grant Program (up to $5,000 each) is intended to engage a neighborhood and provide funds for tangible neighborhood improvement projects.  There is a total of $50,000 currently available for the 2021 grants. This grant is by reimbursement only.

in 2021, funds are available to homeowner associations and/or neighborhood groups located in the Town of Jupiter to enhance the external appearance or the safety/security of their community. The project must be a benefit to not only the Community, but the entire Town, and not be routine maintenance. Also, the improvement shall be viewable from a public road (if applicable). Community participation is a key element to this proposal as is the need for the improvement. Only associations/groups that have not received grants from the Town of Jupiter Neighborhood Services within the last three years (2019-2021) are eligible to apply.

All applicants applying for the grant must provide a 50/50 match in services, cash, volunteer effort, or supplies, and will be required to demonstrate support for the proposed project from the neighborhood residents. Applicants can contribute more to project, but the maximum amount that can be awarded to an applicant is $5,000. Applicants must also provide for a mechanism to address the ongoing maintenance of the project. 

Eligible Applicants:

  • TOJ Neighborhood Groups
  • TOJ Homeowner/Condominium Associations

Eligible Project Examples:

  • Landscaping
  • Signage
  • Purchase of real property (mailboxes, message boards, trash cans, solar lighting, etc.) 
  • Security enhancement (security cameras, security lighting, etc.)
  • Safety enhancement due to the pandemic (hand sanitizing stations for common areas, outdoor gym equipment, etc.)

 Review Criteria:

This is a competitive grant program. All projects will be reviewed and compared to the review criteria and each other by a selection committee. All incomplete applications and projects not meeting the review criteria will be rejected. In case the Town receives more applications than it can fund, applicants may be ranked by other factors (age of community, financial need, etc.) as well. Town Council will make the final decision on funding levels.

Project Budget:

The project budget must be submitted as part of the application. It must be complete and accurate. All cash and other donations must be identified in the budget and proof of support must be submitted in writing from each contributing partner. All expenses must be itemized in the project budget, and three vendor quotes should be attached to the application per the Town’s Purchasing Policy. Volunteer hours need to be recorded in a log. Please email to request a budget worksheet and a volunteer hour log if needed.

Matching Requirements:

The Town’s contribution to the project cost must be equally matched by the grant applicant. The applicant’s match can include actual cash, donations, and volunteer efforts directly related to the implementation of the proposed project. Grant submittal efforts will not count as a match.

  • Cash

This is the actual cash amount the applicant will contribute to the project to partially cover the price of services and materials. Cash must be available at the time the application is submitted.

  • Donations (Goods and Services)

Donations include the estimated value of donated materials, supplies and/or donated services (at $10/hour). All donations must be documented as an attachment to the application. 

  • Volunteer Efforts

Neighborhood residents participating in the construction and/or implementation of the project, such as tree planting, landscape bed preparation, etc., can be counted as part of the match requirement. Volunteer hours should be calculated at a value of $10/hour. The value and the specific method of participation of this pledge must be documented by a letter of commitment showing the number of hours and type of work each volunteer is willing to commit to the effort.

Application Deadline:


Please call Neighborhood Services at 561-741 2524 and 561-741 2511 or email for technical assistance and/or more information.


Matching Grant Cycle