Full Time Benefit Package


Town of Jupiter
Human Resources Department
(30+ hours/week)
Effective: 01/01/19 - 12/31/19

Salary Range:
A job classification and salary range is established for each position. Salary is budgeted by department and approved by Town Council for each position with the Town of Jupiter.  A new employee is subject to a six month probationary period and will receive an evaluation at the end of that six month period.  Annual reviews are conducted each March at which time an employee is eligible for a salary increase based on performance.  A PBA bargaining unit member must satisfy a one year probationary period.
Pension Plan:
(General Employees)

(PBA Bargaining Unit)
Florida Retirement System (FRS). Employees may choose between a Defined Benefit Pension Plan and a Defined Contribution Investment Plan. The Defined Contribution Investment Plan has a one (1) year vesting schedule. The Defined Benefit Plan has a vesting schedule after eight (8) years of employment with the Town of Jupiter.  Effective July 1, 2011 FRS mandatory employee contribution is 3% for both plans.

Town of Jupiter Police Officers’ Retirement Fund. The employee contribution rate for new hires shall be 10% for all years of service. Vesting is after 10 years of employment with the Town of Jupiter.

Florida Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Employees are provided health and dental insurance options and may choose whichever plan option they prefer. Coverage begins the first of the month following thirty (30) days of employment. Dependent coverage is also available. 


Individual Employee Coverage
  Non Tobacco User:  $124.25
  Tobacco User:          $136.75

Individual Employee Coverage
  Non Tobacco User:  $70.70
   Tobacco User:          $83.20

 Employee Plus One Dependent
  Non Tobacco User:  $277.45
   Tobacco User:          $289.95

Employee Plus One Dependent
  Non Tobacco User:  $141.92
  Tobacco User:           $154.42

Employee and Family
  Non Tobacco User:   $426.13
   Tobacco User:           $438.63

Employee and Family
  Non Tobacco User:  $208.62
   Tobacco User:          $221.12

Individual Employee Coverage : $2.10
Individual Employee Coverage:   $10.25
Employee Plus One Dependent: $3.67
 Employee Plus One Dependent: $20.34
Employee and Family:                 $5.44Employee and Family                  $30.40

                                 Deduction for Health and Dental are taken bi-weekly/24 periods 

Sick Leave:
Earn (3.70) hours of sick leave per bi-weekly pay period. The first six (6) unused days can be converted to vacation annually.  Sick time balance paid upon retirement or resignation (minimum 2 years of full-time employment) at a conversion rate of: 2 to 5 years of service at 30%; 5 to 10 years at 40% and 10 or more years at 50%.
Vacation Leave:

Vacation accrues during the first six (6) months of employment and may be used once this initial probationary period has been successfully completed.    

Length of ServiceVacation EarnedMax Vacation Accrual
6 months to 4 years12 days per year24 days (192 hours)
5 years to 10 years15 days per year30 days (240 hours)
11 years16 days per year32 days (256 hours)
12 years17 days per year34 days (272 hours)
13 years18 days per year36 days (288 hours)
14 years19 days per year38 days (304 hours)
15+ years20 days per year40 days (320 hours)

*(PBA Bargaining Unit)
Eleven (11) days per calendar year.
*One (1) Floating Personal Holiday each fiscal year.
*(after 6 months of employment)
Life/Long-Term Disability Insurance:
The Town of Jupiter provides each full time employee (working in a 40 hours a week budgeted position), at no cost, life insurance coverage in the amount of two (2) times your annual salary up to a maximum benefit of $100,000.  Long Term Disability insurance is also provided at no cost to the employee.
Direct Deposit for Payroll:New hires are required to sign-up for direct deposit of their payroll check.
Longevity Pay:
5-year anniversary
  General/Bargaining Unit Employees: $250 paid annually and then on anniversary date.
10-year anniversary
   General/Bargaining Unit Employees: $375 paid annually and then on anniversary date.
15-year anniversary
   General/Bargaining Unit Employees: $500 paid annually and then on anniversary date.
Deferred Compensation:
Optional pre-taxable savings program to supplement retirement income, which is personally geared toward individual employee's needs.  The deferred compensation program allows employees to put aside a portion of their earnings each pay period into an account for their retirement and reduce the amount that is taxable now, postponing federal income taxes until retirement which is then taxable at a lower rate.  Another advantage is that the deferred compensation program defers taxes on income that an employee’s account earns over the course of employment years, which is not available in a conventional passbook savings account. The Town of Jupiter currently has two deferred compensation plans from which to choose in accordance with Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
Optional Benefits:
529 College Savings Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts, Accident Expense, Cancer Expense Protector, Dental Supplement, Long Term Care Insurance, Personal Recovery Plus, Short Term Disability, Voluntary Indemnity,  Additional Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, Pre-Paid Legal Services and  Vision Care Insurance Plan.