Health & Wellness Seminars

  • Health Seminars | 10:00 AM | Free | Jupiter Community Center
    Jupiter Medical Group is offering a monthly seminar series on your health.  
    There is no cost to attend, but we ask that you RSVP @ 561-741-2400 3 days prior to day of event.
    • Sept 19 | TBA
    • Nov 1 | TBA
  • Arlene’s Wellbeing Discussions | 1:30 PM | Free | Jupiter Community Center
    Join Arlene for this monthly discussion on various topics to help improve your health, reduce stress levels, and improve your mood. These discussion are free, however we ask that you RSVP @ 561-741-2400 3 days prior to day of the event
    • August 15 | Psychology 101 (And 102)
      August is considered the dog days of summer in Florida and so it’s a good time to reassess issues that may contribute to any lack of ease in your life. Come prepared with your questions and get answers to any concerns that may contribute to stress, conflict, anxiety, general fears, communication, relationship discord and more. You will learn a lot!
    • Sept 26 | The Brain/Body Connection
      How To Ease Worry, Anxiety & Other Troubling Experiences by examining how the brain interacts with the body and shows us how we create troubling habits and how we can change them by utilizing the latest research in "brain plasticity".
    • Oct 24 | Assertiveness Training
      Learn the difference between being Assertive - Passive - Aggressive and greatly improve how you feel about yourself and improve communication in all your relationships.
    • Nov 28 | The Journey To Peace, Joy & Happiness
      Holidays are always a good time to re-evaluate our needs and wants. We will check to see which are our basic needs for physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual health and  which "wants" create stress, dissatisfaction and
  • Lunch, Learn and Bingo with Humana | 12:00 PM | Free | Jupiter Community Center
    Humana and Healthy Partners Primary Care-Dr. Inwood MD will be providing an informative seminar on healthcare and Medicare. Lunch will be served. Please RSVP five days prior to event.
    • Sept 18 | "Healthy Living for Seniors"
    • Oct 16 | "Healthy Living for Seniors"
  • Mary Jansen’s Health and Wellness Seminars | 1:30 PM | Free | Jupiter Community Center
    Mary Jansen, M.S., ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and Health and Wellness Coach is offering a series of seminars that fuses physical health with your mental health.  These discussions are free, however, we ask that you RSVP @ 561-741-2400     3 days prior to day of event.  Time: 1:30-3:00 PM
    • Oct 2 | “Brain Health and Movement”
    • Nov 13 | "The Science of Physical and Spiritual Well-being”