June 19, 2017 •12:00 PM

Jupiter Community Center, 200 Military Trail

Do you have buttocks pain, hip pain, groin pain or leg?  If yes, then you might be suffering from sacroiliac joint pain.  The SI joint can be responsible for up to 25% of all low back pain.

Does any of the following apply to you?
  • Do you have slipped, bulged or herniated discs?
  • Difficulty sitting for long periods of time?
  • Trouble sleeping on one side?
  • Difficulty riding int he car?
If you are tired of the pain, join us for a free seminar and learn the most effective surgical free way to fix sciatica for good!

Speaker: Dr. Michael J. Barnard, Holistic Physician at the Gardens Family Health Center

Please RSVP to 561-741-2400 prior to seminar.