Annual Soccer Tournament

The Jupiter Police Department held its 7th Annual Soccer Tournament on Saturday, March 16th at the Jupiter Community Park. In partnership with El Sol, the JPD hosted multiple teams of all ages who participated in the soccer tournament, and hundreds of people enjoyed the food and activities that were part of the event. While the soccer tournament showcased some pretty talented players, there was also plenty of fun for kids and families around the park. Palm Beach Fire & Rescue and the Jupiter Police K-9 Unit each put on an entertaining and educating demonstration, as well as the many activities for the kids. This annual soccer tournament is an initiative of the Jupiter Police Department to create an avenue for interaction between the community and the police in a safe and fun environment. 

​The next tournament is scheduled for March 14, 2020, so plan to bring your friends and family!  For more information about the soccer tournament, please contact the Jupiter Police Department at 561-746-6201.

Soccer Team