Pine Gardens South Lighting Project

The Jupiter Police Department is requesting your input for a proposed lighting project for the Pine Gardens South neighborhood alleyways. The proposal consists of outfitting existing poles in the alleyways with lighting in order to mitigate the poor visibility and safety concerns within the neighborhood. The lighting will provide greater visibility and serve as a natural deterrent to criminal activity associated with the alleyways. 

Lighting is well-documented in crime prevention studies as one of the best preventive measures for deterring criminal activity. JPD is currently working with FPL and the Town's Engineering Department on the proposal to provide lighting to the neighborhood. Part of the lighting project includes cleaning of the alleyways and removal of any excess debris. Any tree branches that may infringe on the effectiveness of the lights would be trimmed. The lights would be placed in a way that provides the most reasonable amount of lighting to the alleyways. These improvements are intended to create a safer environment for the entire community.

 You can provide input on this proposal by calling Neighborhood Services at 561-741-2278 or by email to Alessandra Tasca