In Design

Seminole Avenue Stormwater Basin Improvements - Phase I (S1606)

Project Status: Conceptual Engineering Study 
Start Date: September 2017
Completion Date: February 2018
Description: The Seminole Avenue stormwater basin exists in an older section of Town. Stormwater in the basin currently discharges to the Loxahatchee River via the existing Seminole Avenue pump station. Capacity constraints with the existing drainage system often result in nuisance and problematic flooding. An Engineering conceptual study of the basin to include hydraulic modeling of current and future projected water levels in the River and the addition of a second pumping station on Juno Street and Old Dixie Hwy.
Contact: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Utilities, email or call 561-741-2537


Elsa and Paulina Roads Infrastructure Improvements (SW1710)

Juno Beach Distribution System Improvements (W1613)

Project Status: In Design
​Project Value: $1,571,186.00

​ Description: Many of the existing watermains and 2" galvanized services were installed in the 1950's. An increasing number of line breaks due to age and condition of the pipe, valves, hydrants, and services warrant this renewal and replacement effort. Old isolation valves will be replaced to minimize the number of customers affected when a line break occurs and old hydrants will be replaced. Existing backyard mains will be replaced with new DIP/PVC watermains in the road right of way to provide front yard services and adequate fire protection. You may see field staff surveying and gathering information. The streets that will be affected by this project include: Neptune Road, Apollo Drive, Diane Lane, N. Juno Lane, Jupiter Lane, S. Juno Lane, Mars Way, and Sunset Way.

​ Contact: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Utilities, email or call 561-741-2537

Juno Beach Distribution System Improvements (W1613)