Island Way South Project

About Island Way South

ProposedAlignment.pngIsland Way South will provide a southern extension of the existing N. Island Way roadway, which currently connects to W. Indiantown Road from the north just west of Central Boulevard. Island Way South will provide an alternate route that will alleviate some traffic from Indiantown Road and Central Boulevard.

Project improvements include traffic safety measures and pedestrian facilities to maintain and enhance the neighborhoods’ livability. A roundabout is planned just south of Indiantown Road.

Island Way South is identified in the Town's strategic plan as a priority by the Town Council and is funded in the 5-year Community Investment Program (CIP). It's purpose is to mitigate traffic and to provide access to parcels identified for future development. In 2009, an alignment study was conducted to show impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods, which provided insight into potential design options.

View a conceptual drawing of the proposed roadway alignment (larger view of what is shown to the right).

Island Way South Impacts & Benefits

The Town has assembled a working group to provide input, assist with outreach and communication, and discuss impacts and benefits of the proposed plan. Below are some of the areas of benefit and impact discussed by the working group to-date.
  • Improvement to the overall performance of the local roadway network.
  • Connection from Jupiter Park Drive to Indiantown Road.
    • Redirect some traffic from Indiantown Road between Island Way and Central Blvd. It is expected that the new roadway will divert approximately 5,000 trips daily between Island Way and Central Boulevard.
    • Improve the performance of the roadway section and the Central Blvd. intersection.
  • Some impacts on the adjacent neighborhoods expected.
    • Higher volumes of traffic near Bakers Park and Kennedy Estates
    • Town Council direction to evaluate third connection to I-95 (in addition to ITR and Donald Ross Rd.) may mitigate some traffic impacts in northwest Jupiter.
  • Possible opportunities:
    • Buffering along residential immediately adjacent to Island Way.
    • Enhanced landscaping.
    • Providing an entry feature for the neighborhood.
    • Pedestrian/bicycle opportunities.
    • Parks or recreation opportunities, boat launch/fishing along the canal.
In response to questions received at a project information meeting held in March, the Town's Engineering Department has worked with its consultants to conduct a traffic study on cut-through traffic.  The findings of that study are summarized here.

Anticipated Project Process and Timeline

Dec 2016 30% Design presentation to Town Council
March 2017 Acquisition of PBC right-of-way (PBC BCC approval)
June 2017 Eminent Domain process and Project resolution (Town Council approval)
Dec 2017 Design Approval (Town Council approval)
June 2018 Construction Bid Award (Town Council approval)
Sept 2018 Construction Begins

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Based on the schedule for this project, various items will be coming before the Town Council for approval.

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