Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Campaign

The Jupiter Police Department is continuing its participation with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Enforcement campaign to raise awareness and increase education and enforcement of traffic safety laws. The Jupiter Police Department received a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation in coordination with the University of South Florida for Urban Transportation Research to conduct on-street high-visibility enforcement operations in an effort to remind everyone on the road of the best practices we can all utilize that will make our streets safer. While Jupiter’s roads are relatively safe for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, even one accident is one too many. Being aware of simple safety tips can make an enormous impact in our efforts to reduce these incidents. Some of these tips are as follows:

Drivers: Avoid driving in the bike lane, and look for cyclists that may be coming up behind you before you turn.

Pedestrians: Always use the crosswalks and the pedestrian crossing button at traffic lights to cross when you have the right of way.

Wear proper protective gear, and always use hand signals to indicate your intentions in traffic. Join the Town and JPD in May by celebrating "National Bike Month." During May, JPD will ramp up its efforts to educate Jupiter residents about traffic safety laws so that sharing the road is safe for everyone.