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Engineering Standard Details
101 Disabled Parking
102 Standard Parking
103 Angled Parking
104 Temporary Curb Mounting
105 Temporary Curb Cut
106 Typical Curbing
106a Standard Intersection Header Curb Detail
107 Non-Typical Curbing
108a Residential Single Driveway
108b Residential Double Driveway
108c Residental Concrete Driveway
108d Residential Driveways - Paver Bricks in Right-of-Way
108e Commercial Driveways
109a Concrete Sidewalk
109b ADA Sidewalk Ramp
109c Thickened Edge Sidwwalk
109d Raised Sidewalk with D Curb
110 Pavement Edge Flush Header Curb
111 Intersection Striping
112a Asphalt Overlay - Transition to Existing Asphalt
112b Pavement Widening - Tie-in Existing Pavement
112c Pavement Widening - with Asphalt Milling and Overlay
113 Minimum Pavement Structural Numbers
114 Utility Trench Shoulder Restoration
114a Swale Restoration
115 Intersection Clear Sight Line
116 Concrete Paver System for Roadways
117 Paver Pedestrian Crossing and Special Header Curb
118 Concrete Paver System for Roadway Median Area
119 Pavement Restoration
120 Asphalt Pathway
122 Roadway Cross-Sections for Shoulder and Swale Development
123 Collector Roadway Shoulder Restoration
124a Concrete Open Flume
124b Concrete Closed Flume
125 Turf Block
126 Collector Roadway Safety Edge
301a Asphalt Speed Hump
301b Concrete Speed Hump
302a Asphalt Speed Table
302b Concrete Speed Table
303 Pinch Point
401 Electrical Conduit Installation Plan
402 Junction Box and Stup Up Installation Plan