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Stormwater Details
SW-01 Storm Sewer Precast Manhole
SW-02 Typical C Inlet Detail
SW-03 Typical E Inlet Detail
SW-04 Conflict Structure Detail
SW-06 Headwall
SW-07 Filter Fabric Jacket for Stormwater Pipes
SW-08 Right of Way Swale Section
SW-09 ROW Swale Section for Roadway Turnout
SW-10 ROW Section for Roadways with Valley Gutters
SW-11 Shoulder Sodding and Reworking Detail
SW-12 Baled Hay or Straw Barriers and Silt Fences
SW-13 Stormwater Turbidity Barriers
SW-14 Curb Inlet Sediment Filter Detail
SW-15 Concrete to Metal Pipe Adapter
SW-16 Exfiltration Trench 1 of 2
SW-17 Exfiltration Trench 2 of 2
SW-18 Bank Stabilization
SW-19 Concrete Collars for Stormwater Pipe Repairs
SW-20 Pipe to Structure Connection