1. Bioscience

    Read about the biotech vision of Jupiter.

  2. Building

    Learn about building requirements and codes in Jupiter.

  3. Business Development / JBiz

    Explore the exciting business development opportunities in Jupiter.

  4. Business Tax Receipts

    A Business Tax Receipt is an annual tax collected by the Town of Jupiter from all businesses located in the Town or doing business within the Town of Jupiter city limits.

  5. Code Compliance

    Browse information about code compliance in the Town of Jupiter.

  6. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Discover the Community Redevelopment Agency and their efforts to continually grow and improve Jupiter.

  7. Community Relations

    Learn more about how the Town connects with its Residents

  8. Engineering

    Access information about our Department of Engineering.

  9. Eco-Tourism Activities

    View options for eco-tourism activities.

  10. Facility Rentals

    Rent one of our facilities for your next gathering.

  11. Finance

    Peruse information published by our Department of Finance and learn more about their operations.

  12. History

    Research Jupiter's rich history.

  13. Human Resources

    Find information about the Department of Human Resources and the services they provide to our employees.

  14. Jupiter Jubilee

    Refresh your community spirit each year at the Jupiter Jubilee.

  15. Jupiter U

    Learn about Jupiter U and what it can do for you.

  16. Maps & GIS

    View information from GIS and find your way around Jupiter with our maps.

  1. Natural Resources

    Look through information about the natural resources available in our town.

  2. Neighborhood Services

    Gain information about Jupiter's neighborhood services.

  3. Parks

    Search for parks and facilities with the amenities you need for your next gathering.

  4. Planning & Zoning

    Check out the most current planning and zoning information.

  5. Police

    Learn what the Jupiter Police Department is doing to serve and protect our communities.

  6. Public Works

    Read about the Department of Public Works.

  7. Recreation

    Stay active with the programs provided by our Department of Recreation.

  8. Riverwalk

    Discover the Jupiter riverwalk.

  9. Special Events

    Town of Jupiter Special Events

  10. Sponsorships

    Want to help get your business name out there? See what sponsorship opportunities the Town offers.

  11. Storm Information

    Be prepared and know what to do in the event of a storm.

  12. Town Clerk

    Access information available from the Town Clerk's office.

  13. Town Council

    Browse information about the Town Council.

  14. Town Manager

    Review the role and responsibilities of the town manager.

  15. Water & Stormwater Utilities

    Find information about your water and stormwater utilities.