NYSCA Coaches Certification Clinics

To schedule a clinic please contact Brian Benton at 741-2433 or by e-mail.

The following NYSCA Clinics will take place at the Jupiter Community Center, 200 Military Trail:
  • No clinics are scheduled at this time.
National Youth Alliance for Sports
2050 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is a membership organization and the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained more than 1.8 million coaches since its inception in 1981. More than 2,600 community-based agencies and organizations offer this opportunity.

The NYSCA volunteer coach training program is designed to sensitize volunteer coaches to their responsibilities and hold them accountable to a strict Code of Conduct defined by the NYSCA Coaches' Code of Ethics Pledge.

What you need to know before you attend a scheduled clinic:

  • Continuing Membership Card
    If you are a continuing member you will need to bring your Continuing Membership card with you. If you do not have your card you will need to contact NYSCA directly at 1-800-729-2057 to have them send you a new card. If you do not have your card you will not be certified.
  • What level of Certification are you?
    It is very important that you sign in on the correct roster when you arrive at the clinic. You, as a coach, are responsible for knowing what level of certification you fall under. If you are unsure please contact NYSCA directly at 1-800-729-2057.
    • Initial Level:
      • Have never been certified to coach through NYSCA before.
      • You are a first time coach.
      • If your certification has expired.
    • Additional Sport:
      • You are certified in one sport and you want to coach a different sport within the same year.
      • You need to attend the sport specific clinic of which you want to coach.
    • Continuing Member:
      • You previously attended the NYSCA Clinic and were certified in a specific sport.
      • Even if you attend a clinic for an additional sport, you need to renew your membership for your initial sport.
    • Certification Renewal:
      • Coaches must renew their certification each year.
      • In order to renew your certification a coach must sign-in on the Continuing Member roster sheet.
      • If a coach fails to keep their certification current they will be required to begin certification over again as an Initial Level coach.

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What To Do If...

  • You are a JTAA League Director and you need to set up an NYSCA Clinic for your sport?
    Please contact Brian Benton at 741-2422 or e-mail to set up a clinic date. Please try to allow at least two weeks notice.
  • You are a JTAA Coach and need information on your certification status?
    Please contact NYSCA directly (561.684.1141) as they are the only ones who can answer your questions regarding your certification status.
  • You are a JTAA Coach and you need to find out about upcoming scheduled clinics?
    You need to contact your League Director; they are responsible in forwarding mandatory clinic information.