Community Investment Program

Pine Gardens South Water Distribution Improvements (W1505)

Project Status: In Process
Project Value: $165,562.90

Description: Installation of approximately 2,220 linear feet of water main, replacement of 13 fire hydrants, the installation/replacement of approximately 22 isolation valves, and surface restoration throughout the Pine Gardens South neighborhood.

Contact: Steven Montemayor, Utilities Engineer, email or call 561-741-2710
Estimated Completion Date: March, 2017
W1505 Pine Gardens South Water Distribution System Improveme 

North Jupiter Distribution System Improvements - Phase II (W0327A)

Project Status: In ProcessUpcoming
Project Value: $2,096,249.50

Description: In 2015-2016, localized fire protection and aging infrastructure issues will be
addressed when back yard water mains, old valves, and hydrants are
replaced east and west of Seabrook Road. Valves and hydrants on existing
watermains in road right of ways will be replaced and additional valves will
be installed for better isolation of the distribution system.

Contact: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Utilities, email or call 561-741-2270

N Jupiter Distribution System Improvements Location Map W0327A.jpg

Juno Beach Distribution System Improvements (W1613)

Project Status: Upcoming
Total Project Value: $1,571,186.00
Description: Many of the existing watermains and 2" galvanized services were installed in the 1950's. An increasing number of line breaks due to age and condition of the pipe, valves, hydrants, and services warrant this renewal and replacement effort. Old isolation valves will be replaced to minimize the number of customers affected when a line break occurs and old hydrants will be replaced. Existing backyard mains will be replaced with new DIP/PVC watermains in the road right of way to provide front yard services and adequate fire protection. You may see field staff surveying and gathering information.

The streets that will be affected by this project include: Neptune Road, Apollo Drive, Diana Lane N. Juno Lane N. Jupiter Lane, and S. Juno Lane.

Contact: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Utilities, email or call 561-741-2270

W1613 Juno Beach.png

Southern Transmission Main Crossing of I-95 and the Turnpike at Donald Ross Road (W1613)

Project Status: In Design
Total Project Value: $660,434.00
Description: Construction of a 12" diameter transmission main from Heights Boulevard extending westward, approximately 2,000 feet, and crossing under I-95 and the Florida Turnpike to 64th Way North in Palm Beach Country Estates (PBCE). Construction of this connection to the water transmission system will allow water from PBCE to flow eastward towards The Heights of Jupiter thereby reducing water age, providing for better maintenance of chlorine residuals in PBCE, and reducing the flushing volumes required to maintain acceptable chlorine residuals.

Contact: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Utilities, email or call 561-741-2270

W1613 Southern Trans Main.jpg

Alt A1A/Damon Bridge Water Transmission Main Replacement (W1611A)

Project Status: Bidding
Total Project Value: $710,763.00
Description: The existing 20" diameter steel transmission watermain hanging on the west side of the Alternate A1A Bridge (aka Damon Bridge) was constructed in 1976 and has exceeded its 35 year useful live. Sections of the pipe are significantly rusted and severe rusting has occurred at the pipe cradle supports. Removal of the rust would require extensive sand blasting and may result in more damage to the steel pipe than desired. The existing 20" steel watermain will be replaced with a new 12" diameter steel watermain and new pipe supports and bridge hangers will be installed in the current locations to minimize the impact to the bridge structure. The existing 12" diameter watermain hanging on the east side of the bridge will remain in place and in service.

Contact: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Utilities, email or call 561-741-2270

W1611 Alt A1A Damon Bridge.jpg