Citizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is a six week seminar held annually to orientate, educate, and communicate with citizens and members of the business community on the operations of the Jupiter Police Department.

The Junior Police Academy is a one week summer program designed for children (ages 9-12). Through classroom discussions, student activities and cadet handouts, the students will develop a deeper appreciation of law enforcement, while opening the door to better communication between officers and students.

If you are interested in attending, or if you require further information, please complete the Citizen Police Academy registration form or contact us at 561-746-6201.

Program Purpose

This is a six week program to:
  • Create a partnership between you and your police department
  • Orient community members to the operations of the Jupiter Police Department
  • Open the doors of communications between citizens, members of the business community and the Jupiter Police Department

Learn About

  • The hiring and training process of Jupiter Police Officers
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Accident, D.U.I. investigations
  • Use of traffic RADAR and LASER
  • Narcotics and prevalent drugs
  • Deadly Force
  • Community Policing


  • Tour the Police facility
  • K-9 behavior and see a demonstration


Citizens and business people from Jupiter (surrounding communities based on available space) who have not been convicted of a felony. Applicants must have photo ID.

There is no cost to participate! Class includes a notebook, inserts, and certificate of completion.