Neighborhood Grant Program

2016 Matching Grant Program

Communities that were awarded a Matching Grants within the previous three years (2013-2015) were not eligible to apply in 2016. Examples of eligible projects are landscaping, signage, pressure cleaning/repairing/resurfacing, purchase of real property (mailboxes, message boards, trash cans, solar lighting), security enhancement (security cameras, fences, gates, locks, security lighting). Neighborhood Services held a workshop on February 11, 2016 at the Jupiter Community Center to discuss the matching grant criteria. Grant applications were reviewed during the month of April and recommendations were submitted to the May 3rd Town Council meeting for approval. For information on the Grant awardees, go to the Neighborhood Grants recipients page.

Neighborhood Improvement $1,000 - $5,000

A combination of cash and in-kind support will be accepted. Maximum in-kind contribution will 50% of the community’s portion of the grant a minimum of 50% financial support is required.

Community Building $250

Community Building Grants are available through the year for up to $250. Groups may use funds to create, diversify, or increase participation in a community, neighborhood-based association or organization that benefits the neighborhood.

For more information, call Neighborhood Services at (561) 741-2278.