Project Update History

Phase I Project Update:

 October 23, 2017

Roadway subgrade stabilization has begun
◦Dry detention area excavation ongoing
◦Lake excavation is complete
◦Site balancing/earthwork is ongoing
◦Gazebo structural member installation complete
◦Sidewalk installation is ongoing

August 18, 2017

◦Construction of the underground stormwater system is complete
◦Sanitary sewer for the building has been installed and will soon be connected by the plumber
◦Lake excavation is ongoing
◦Site balancing/earthwork is ongoing
◦Gazebo installation has begun
◦Sidewalk installation is ongoing
◦The building is dried-in (rain will no longer affect the building)

July 3, 2017

◦Excavation of the lake
◦Underground stormwater utility installation
◦Construction of sidewalks and picnic areas
◦Installation of the masonry walls for the restroom storage building
◦Electrical work