2018 Reservation Information

Jupiter Civic Center reservations for 2018 will begin Tuesday, June 6, 2017

(referred to as "Opening Day.")  

On the morning of Tuesday, June 6th, a lottery drawing will determine the order in which reservations will be processed.  This lottery will be used for those individuals that plan to be present on opening day at 9 AM.  The Town of Jupiter reserves the right to update or change information without notice.

***All rental requirements will need to be met in order to process your reservation.***

Lottery Registration Information

  1. Pre-lottery registration will begin ONLINE, Monday, May 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM and end Monday, June 5, 2017 at 4:00 PM. 
    1. Pre-Lottery registration will only be accepted online prior to opening day.
    2. Only one lottery registration per person / per Rectrac household allowed.
       register_here  (Link will be inactive on 6/05/17 @ 4 PM - Please see #2)
  2. Lottery registration will resume, in person only, on Tuesday, June 6, 201from 8:00 AM-9 AM
    1. It does not increase your odds if you pre-register for the lottery.
    2. Please do not register for the lottery if you do not intend to be at the Jupiter Community Center by
      9 AM on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

Lottery Details

  1. Those who have pre-registered for the lottery will need to arrive at the Jupiter Community Center NO LATER THAN 9 AM on June 6, 2017. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE LOTTERY AGAIN ON OPENING DAY. 
  2. At 9 AM, registration for the Lottery will close.  Staff will cross-reference all registrations and remove any duplicates. Once this has been completed we will RANDOMLY begin drawing numbers to determine the order of reservations.  
    1. For example, if #9 is drawn, we will call the name that is 9th on the lottery registration list and that person will be the FIRST person to place a Civic Center reservation for the 2018.  
    2. If a number is called and you are not present, or do not answer when your name is called, that number will go back in the lottery.
    3. Only one lottery registration per person / per Rectrac household allowed.
  3. Anyone arriving after 9 AM, that did not register for the lottery, will be processed in order once the lottery has finished.

Opening Day Reservations

  1. You MUST be present on opening day to make a reservation. Reservations for 2018 will not be accepted prior to opening day.  
  2. There will be a 2 day reservation limit on all opening day rentals.  This means ALL DAY on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, from 
    9 AM-8 PM, reservations per lottery draw will be limited to 2 days.  If you wish to make additional reservations you will need to come back after opening day.
  3. All facility rental reservation requirements will need to be met in order to process your reservation
  4. Only the 2018 Civic Center lease will be accepted for 2018 reservations.
  5. Only one lottery registration per person / per Rectrac household allowed.  
  6. Duplicate names will be removed and assigned one lottery number.
  7. Reservations will be made, and payment accepted, from the corresponding lottery name.
  8. We will make every attempt to post any 2018 black-out dates to the online calendar by Monday, June 5, 2017.  These black-out dates can be a result of holidays, known special events and/or Town of Jupiter internal reservations.

Rental Policy Changes and Reminders

Registered Vendor and Service Provider List (NEW)

  • Anyone who leases the Jupiter Civic Center for an event in 2018 will be required to use vendors off of the Town of Jupiter Registered Vendor and Service Provider List.  (Coming Soon)
  • Which Vendors/Service Providers need to register?  If a Civic Center leasee enters into a written contract/agreement with a vendor/service provider, that vendor and any vendors they hire, must become a registered vendor with the Town of Jupiter.  
  • This list will be maintained by the Jupiter Recreation Department.  
  • For the 2018 season there will be no fee to the vendor to be added to this list.  
  • Renters may still choose their own vendors however they must register with the Town of Jupiter at least 60 days prior to the rental date.
  • Unincorporated Jupiter vendors that are on the Registered Vendor and Service Provider List do not qualify to rent the Civic Center as a business sponsor.
  • Additional information will be available on or before May 12, 2017.

ON-SITE Compliance & Safety Check

In 2018 the following violations will be enforced by Town of Jupiter staff with an ON-SITE compliance & safety check prior to or during set up of your event.  Violations will result in heavy fines and/or a complete shut down of your event.  The following policies have been in effect for several years however will be strictly enforced in 2018.

  • You are NOT permitted to rent outside tables and chairs.  If you do not like the tables and chairs provided please do not rent the facility.  
  • You are NOT permitted to hang cloth from the ceiling or block the fire suppression equipment in anyway.
  • Access to the facility begins at 9 AM and ends at 1:00 AM.  PLAN YOUR EVENT ACCORDINGLY! 
We are looking forward to the 2018 season.  If you have any questions please contact Jupiter Recreation at 561-741-2400 or Bonnie Caroline at 561-741-2314.